Alpha Pharm Tech, a division of Alpha Engineering, Inc. specializes in Barrier Technology - both passive and actvie containment systems, from downflow weigh/dispense booths to full operator/product isolation, APT provides engineering and design assictance, quality control, commissioning and validation services. But our capabilities do not stop there.

APT provides system sterilization, and now, total room decontamination services.
What's more, recent developments make toxic gases like paraformaldyhide a thing of the past. Safer, more user and environmentally friendly materials offer faster, more effective kill with no residuals requiring clean up. This cuts downtime to a fraction.

Whether a small single-chambered vessel or a large suite of rooms, APT will recommend appropriate systems to fit your needs. Our unique knowledge and skills position us to offer services in a way no one else can. If your situation warrants a permanently installed system, APT offers a complete turnkey solution. Should you elect to contact decontamination/sterilization services for one time or periodically, APT will meet your needs.


Alpha Pharm Tech's Engineers and Technicians under direction will:

  • Assess the equipment /spaces for proper decontamination/sterilization requirements.
  • Evaluate the best system approach to achieve the desired results using layout and elevation views to assure full coverage.
  • In cooperation with the gassing equipment manufacturer, establish and propose the complete turnkey system including installation, start up and validation.
  • Develop and execute Installation/Operatrion Qualifications.
  • Develop and execute Cycle Studies to establish proper run times and gassing parameter settings.
  • Develop and execute the Performance Qualification to fully validate the installed system. APT will assist the owner's personnel in this effort if preferred.
  • Provide complete training on gassing generator and system operations.
  • Follow up with finalizing all documentation to assure total cGMP compliance.
    Futhermore, APT will provide ongoing maintenance and technical assistance by contractual agreement

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